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"I had been experiencing movement with my twenty-two year old front bridge and discussed the problem with my current dentists Holford Partners. X rays revealed that the gum and bone recession had reached a stage that the support for the teeth roots had reduced allowing movement when biting. Unfortunately this problem is not unusual in people of my age.

Dr Evans undertook the initial inspection and called upon Dr Hawksford to give specialist advice. Two solutions were offered a denture or two implants with a bridge containing the replacement teeth. Although significantly cheaper I did not find a denture appealing, as the palate would be covered and movement could still occur when biting heavily. Another problem was food entrapment under the denture plate when eating certain types of food. The best long-term option was for implants as they are fitted in the bone of the jaw and function in a similar way to natural teeth.

Dr Hawksford undertook the implant work and throughout the process took great care to explain the procedure. The construction of the bridge was the responsibility of Dr Evans who in addition to taking the usual impressions took a number of photographs to ensure final result was up to his and my expectation. Throughout the process both dentists made follow up phone calls to ensure all was well which I found very re assuring.

I was very pleased with the end result and would not hesitate to recommend the services of Dr Evans and Dr Hawksford."

DB of Oxford

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