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Sports Mouthguards

Mouthguards are worn by all serious sports people and ensure minimal damage is sustained.

Your smile is a valuable asset.

Participating in sports can occasionally result in accidental contact with racquets, boots, elbows, heads etc. Leading to damage to the teeth.

Children are particularly vulnerable due to the lack of co-ordination when learning new sports. A strong well fitting mouthguard can provide considerable protection at a price that compares favourably with the costs of repairing and replacing damaged teeth!

I favour Erkoflex mouthguards that provide maximum strength with approved medical grade material that complies with all known International and European regulations.

Tensile strength : ddddapp. 33 N/mm2

Elasticity at rupture: 900%

Hardness : app. ddddd82 Shore A

Each mouthguard can incorporate up to five different colours - why not co-ordinate with your team strip?

Sports mouthguards from, Private London dentist, Hywell Evans, W1