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Root Canal Therapy

Dr. Evans has a particular interest in root canal treatments, and has attended post graduate study to further his ability in this area.

Root canal therapy can be considered as an advanced procedure to save a tooth which a number of years ago would have been extracted.

Root Canal Therapy is normally required when a tooth has died, usually as a result of a large amount of previous decay or trauma.

The typical symptoms are pain and swelling which unless treated will get worse and is known as an abscess.

By using very fine and flexible instruments and magnification, the narrow canal inside the teeth can be cleaned of all infected material and shaped to accept a plastic based filling material. Once the canal system has sealed, a permanent restoration can be placed on top.

Dr. Evans has a particular interest in this complex procedure and has attended many post graduate courses to ensure he is at the forefront of current knowledge.

Root Canal therapy from, Private London dentist, Hywell Evans, W1