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Cancer Screen

At your regular visits we will carefully examine your mouth and associated structures for any signs of early cancer. The mouth can also show signs of many other important general illnesses long before symptoms start. This can give us a good early warning system so that any necessary medical treatment can be commenced whilst the prognosis for most human illnesses is at its best.


Your gums are designed to keep the blood in and the bacteria out. If your gums bleed then the bacteria can get into your gums, which research shows can lead to, or worsen diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

Your hygienist is trained to monitor the condition of your gums and together we will teach you how to keep your own gums how to keep bacteria to a minimum level. There is no place for bleeding gums. This is a warning signal – do not overlook it.


You may not realise that the way that your teeth meet is linked to the balance of the rest of your body and vice versa. Your posture can affect your jaws and their correct working. The jaws work by the action of muscles and any dysfunction may result in pains around the head and teeth. These may affect your head (as headaches), your neck (stiff neck), your back (back pain). You may also get a ringing noise in your ears.

All these can have an origin in imbalance of your teeth. We often use a small, easily worn night time appliance which fits over your front teeth to stop grinding at night. This is much more comfortable to wear than the large full mouth night guards often prescribed, and is more effective at curing headaches, neckaches etc.

You will find more useful information here - www.headacheprevention.com

Missing Teeth

When any teeth are missing this places more strain on the remaining teeth and the supporting structures of these teeth – teeth tend to drift and tilt when they are lacking the mutual support of the neighbouring teeth. Imagine a car with 4 wheels – if one is missing or flat then the whole system is thrown out of balance.


If we are to help you it is absolutely essential to know exactly what is going on beneath the gum line and inside the teeth, where we cannot see. As a health precaution we advocate that the x-rays taken are kept to the minimal amount clinically possible and prescribed on an individual basis. We use ultra-modern digital x-rays in the surgery, which give you less than half the dose of normal x-rays for your increased safety.

We carefully follow the current national guidelines for dental radiography. The health and safety of our patients is paramount.

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