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Intravenous Sedation

Anxious about dental treatment? Intravenous Sedation might be the answer.

What is it?

A mild valium type sedative administered by a fully qualified anaesthetist whilst the dentist carries on with his work. It is not a general anaesthetic, so is much safer procedure, with quicker recovery.

Why is it done?

Many people experience great anxiety prior to, and during dental treatment. This is quite normal, and nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. Sedation is an excellent way of dealing with your anxiety whilst allowing the dentist to carry out the work you know needs doing.

What does it feel like?

It is a feeling of deep relaxation with the loss of feelings of anxiety and worry, together with an inability to remember the dental treatment afterwards - a big incentive to being happy to repeat the experience when necessary!

How is it done?

The anaesthetist introduces the sedative via the arm - only one small scratch is needed, right at the beginning. His duty is to monitor you continually, and to adjust the level of sedation to provided maximum comfort. Local anaesthetic injections are still given to make the mouth numb, but you are not aware of them being done. At the end of the session you're able to walk away, though a companion is mandatory, and driving a and operating potentially dangerous equipment is forbidden for 24 hours.

The procedure is the most cost effective when as much work as possible is done at the same visit, to minimise the cost of pre-op preparation and wake up time. We have found this wonderful system transforms the lives of people who have not been able to look after their teeth because of anxiety about dentistry. If this applies to you, call us today for more details - let this system help restore your confidence in your smile.

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