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It may seem an impossible dream but advances in dentistry mean that missing teeth can now be replaced thanks to dental implants.

If you have any missing teeth, even one, or have lost all your teeth then you should consider the exciting possibility of dental implants.

What is involved?

A single visit is usually all that is required for implant insertion. Once in place they are covered by the gum tissue and allowed between three and four months to become firmly attached jaw bone.

During this time a temporary crown can be worn comfortably. Once the implants have taken, the replacement teeth can be made and fitted.

Is the procedure painful?

The first and most frequently asked question. It is surprising how little pain is felt after the procedure. Often only minor discomfort similar to that of a simple dental extraction is experienced.

Are implants safe?

Strauman is a Swiss manufactured implant system which is CE marked, and internationally recognised sign showing that the medical device provides patients with a high level of protection, high success level and does not compromise your health and safety.

How many implants will be required?

It is often a simple case of replacing each missing tooth with an individual implant. The number of implants necessary has to be calculated according to individual requirements.

What is a dental implant?

The Strauman dental implant resembles a small screw and is made from Titanium or its Alloy. Titanium is a material which the body accepts as its own, so there need be no fear of rejection due to the material. As the name suggests it's implanted into the jaw, and the replacement teeth are later fastened to it. Dental Implants feel and function just like natural teeth on biting.

How can Implants be used?

Implants can be used just like real teeth in a variety of ways to provide different treatment options to suit your requirements. From one to a complete arch full of teeth are possible with dental implants. Even dentures can be made to feel more comfortable and secure.

Can anyone have implants?

Yes, believe it or not anyone unhappy with the condition of their mouth, who would like to eat without discomfort and free from worries of denture stability when laughing and talking can benefit from dental implants. If you're healthy enough for simple extractions then there is a good chance you may be able to have implants.

When should dental implants be placed?

Age is not an excluding factor however, it is not advisable to delay the placement of implants as the jaw bone starts to deteriorate or shrink away once the teeth have been lost.

This loss of jaw bone reduces facial support resulting in premature ageing. It has been shown that replacing missing teeth with dental implants almost eliminates bone loss.

Care of implants?

Fortunately implants do not suffer from tooth decay. However, it is essential for long-term success that home care is maintained together with routine visits to the hygienist to carry out cleaning just like teeth.

How much will implants cost?

As individual requirements will be different the cost will vary depending on complexity and the number of implants required. An individual assessment of fees will be determined and a written estimate provided before treatment begins. The total cost of implant treatment is surprisingly often comparable to the expense of conventional bridge work.

How to start

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